Many people wonder what distinguishes these two incredible European destinations when deciding between Italy and Spain.

Each has coastal destinations, comparable climates, unique cultures, tourist attractions, and cuisine.

Italy is probably better for city breaks, with more beautiful coastal towns and villages and more varied regions ranging from the Italian Alps to the sunny island of Sardinian.

But who could deny the beauty of iconic towns like Barcelona and Seville?

Spain is deemed to be better for sunbathing and swimming in general, has more Blue Flag beaches than any other European nation, and has tapas and other fantastic cuisine.

In terms of costs, Spain is usually less expensive when it comes to lodging and dining out in cities, but Italy wins in rural areas.

So, where should you go?

Both will provide an unforgettable vacation, but if beaches are a priority, Spain is probably a better option and is slightly cheaper, depending on the area. Both have iconic city locations, and Italy has one of the best culinary traditions in the world, famed for its pizza and pasta. So, depending on your preferences, why not test both and tell us which you prefer? Spice Escapes is offering the Spanish Spring Chillout in May, where you can indulge in watersports, golf, the beach and of course, the cuisine or if you fancy a bit of fun and light exercise and cheese sampling and wine our Real Italy Cheese Tours and E-Bikes might be for you!

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