Over a number of years I have travelled with Spice on many occasions visiting Iceland, Rome, Copenhagen, New York, Morocco and India. I have skied in Andorra, learnt to sail in the Med and thrown tomatoes at La Tomatina in Spain. Next year I’m off to Lapland(after a 12 month delay for Covid) and hope to see the Northern lights.

Sometimes I travel with my sister, sometimes alone but either way I know that I will have fun.  I was asked today which trip was my favourite.  Impossible to answer, but I will never forget arriving before the crowds to see The Taj Mahal and floating down the Ganges as the sun came up.

True, sometimes things don’t go smoothly, like the time the buses to the airport didn’t arrive, but our lovely co-ordinator arranged taxis for all of us and we all made the flight home.

I know that from the moment I arrive, I can relax, meet a friendly crowd of people and have experiences that my friends can only dream of.  So many times I have been told that I am lucky – my response is “not really – I just belong to SPICE!”.